Enlightenment Wines Meadery

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Foundation year: 2009

Amount of meads: 6

The Enlightenment was a philosophical movement that challenged traditionally held views and encouraged trial and error and first-hand experience over accepted wisdom. Thinkers refused to go along with inherited norms and conventions without personal experimentation.

The word “Enlightenment” reminds us that mead-making, and in fact, all winemaking, is an ancient art based in individuals using their senses to explore tastes for themselves and to decide what brings them pleasure. We don’t need authorization or permission from on high to know what we like, or even to learn how to make it. Winemaking is firstly an empirical practice of observing the natural world. It is a world of experimentation and curiosity. That is the world of Enlightenment Wines Meadery.

Mead list

Name Category Sweetness ABV Rating
Night Eyes , Dry 12,50% No ratings yet.
Nought Dry Mead Dry 12,50% No ratings yet.
St. Crimson Black Mead , Dry 12,00% No ratings yet.
Dagger , Dry 15,00% No ratings yet.
Memento Mori , Semi-sweet 15,00% No ratings yet.
Raise The Roof Dry 13,00% No ratings yet.