Mazurskie miody


Foundation year: 1964

Amount of meads: 1

Mazurskie Miody – a company placed on the outskirts of Olsztyn, in well-known ‘barrel building’, started its adventure from single, modest apiary. Many year of apiculture passion development, gave Mazurskie Miody a place on the top. Since then, Mazurskie Miody provides wide range of tastes – from the most popular mixed flower and rape honey, throught uncommon honeys, like heather and phacelia.

In 2007, Mazurskie Miody entered also the alcohol market, introducing at once whole variety of non-brewed meads: czwórniak, trójniak, dwójniak and półtorak, as well as honey-based strong alcohols. In 2011 the assortment was complemented with Okowita Miodowa Mazurska and Okowita Miodowa Warmińska – traditional aquae vitae with history reaching several centuries.

Mead list

Name Category Sweetness Rating
Grunwaldzki , Dessert 3.07/5 (4)